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Please note, we do NOT sell race fuel.

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Please do not enter both a PO box and a street address on separate lines; if your card billing address is a PO Box, please only enter this in the billing/shipping address field. If your items are too big to go to a PO box, we recommend that you use a card with a billing address that can accept FedEx deliveries.

We cannot force you to read it, but we STRONGLY encourage you to review our Policies page BEFORE placing your order. Most relevant questions you may have, e.g., about:

  • shipping methods
  • payment methods
  • returns
  • international orders

will be answered there. If you email us with a question about anything contained there, we will first ask if you have read this information that we've already provided. If you do in fact have a question that is truly not answered there, and have suggestions for content we should add to this page, we would love to read your suggestion.

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Please note, we do NOT sell race fuel.