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Alternator Selection

To ensure that you order the correct alternator for your application, please read these alternator notes.

All of the alternators we sell are identical to the original standard style Chrysler alternator, including case, mounts, pivots, pulleys and connections. These alternators, along with your OE style Chrysler alternator, will work with all of our BPE bracket kits, and the spacer and bolt kits that come with them. To mount in the correct factory location with no misalignment, simply choose original style metal finish or all chrome, and then choose the correct style connection, multi-wire or 1-wire setup.

* The engine pulley(s) combination affects output -- underdrive pulleys will make output less. BPE pulleys are built to O.E. dimensions and are not underdriven.

  • 50Amp Output @ Idle (Minimum) / 75Amp Output (Minimum) @ 2500RPM
  • Each Alternator Comes with Performance Dyno Tag
  • Production Original Alternators had Approx. 20Amp Idle / 60Amp @ 3000RPM
  • Heavy Duty Diodes / Double Fields / Gold Battery Post
  • Available in Stock 3 Wire Version or Single Wire Version
  • Standard Style Chrysler Housing
  • 1969 and Earlier Vehicles Must Ground 1 Field Wire To Fit O.E. Harness
  • Perfect for Applications with Air Conditioning, Normal Stereo Systems, and Most Any Other Normal Accessories
  • Works With All BPE Brackets and Pulleys
  • Available in Chrome or Natural "Stock Color"
  • Built in the USA

Alternator Bracket Components Selection

To ensure that you order the correct alternator mounting bolt, bracket and correct spacer kit, or bolts and spacer kit (for all Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, and other Mopar cars or trucks), please take the time to do the following:

  • First, determine the exact engine size that you have ... A, B, RB, or Hemi?
  • Then decide whether you will set up your Mopar engine for a factory air conditioning configuration, or if you will omit air conditioning; this is because your alternator brackets, crank pulleys and water pump pulleys are different when going from A/C to non-A/C setups or vice-versa; if you attempt to use or mismatch A/C application brackets and pulleys with non-A/C brackets and pulleys, you will end up fighting a never-ending battle against pulley and bracket misalignment.
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