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BPE Double-Groove Crankshaft Pulley (Chrome) (4012C)

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Double Groove Crankshaft Pulley fits A/B/RB/Crate Hemi Engines, Chrome Finish w/P.S.



Double Groove Crankshaft Pulley fits A/B/RB/Crate Hemi Engines, Chrome Finish, Made of Steel. Inner O.D. 6 9/16" & Outer 7 3/8"

Fits:'65 & Later B/RB/ CRATE Hemi Engines, '70-'91 A-Engines w/ Aluminum Water Pump (which has the passenger side lower radiator hose),  '87-'91 3.9L V-6 Engines, Magnum Crate Engines. Works on Most All w/ P.S. or some Using certain BPE A.C. Brackets

Will Not Work With Most Chrysler Factory A/C Applications

Note:1-Will not work on 1969 and Earlier Small Block A-Engines and Poly 318 Engines with a Drivers Side (Left Side) Lower Radiator Hose Water Pump (most were cast iron).

2-Works with BPE4014 water pump Pulley on '65 & Later B/RB/ CRATE Hemi Engines

3-Works with BPE4015 water pump Pulley on '70-91 A -Engines

4-Works with production Thickness Harmonic Dampers. Caution Aftermarket Dampers may cause pulley misalignment.

5-Pulley Fit Measurement Specification must be: 4 9/32" for B/RB & 4 17/32" for 1970 & later A-Engines See Attached PIC

6-Production Cast Crank Dampers, even though appear thicker than Steel Crank Dampers, they are generally the same in respect to pulley alignment

7-Use BPE4011B Crankshaft Pulley Bolts for the correct Attaching Bolts to damper.

8-Will Not Fit Street Hemi Engines with production Street Hemi thick damper.

9-As in all Chrome finished products, Chrome Finish must be kept clean to resist damage from the elements

10-Limited Quanties Available-Will be Discontinued in the Future

Attention: Read This Important BPE Pulley Information

BPE Reproduction Pulleys are stamped steel, just like the originals manufactured by Chrysler.

As in all Stamped Steel Pulleys, Including The Originals by Chrysler, Pulley Concentricity (Roundness)

May Vary .020” - .060” (Up to Approximately 1/16”). This Does Not Effect The Ability Of the

Pulley to Run True and Retain Its Belt Throughout the Power Band Of the Engine

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