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ALTERNATOR ONE WIRE 5.7 L/6.1 L 180 AMP (61F11112)

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ONE WIRE 180 AMP ALTERNATOR 2005-2010 5.7L & 2005-2010 6.1L 


Note: Due to the amount of preventable exchanges we are doing on alternators, if you have any doubt which alternator you need, please EMAIL us BEFORE ordering an alternator!

See Alternator PIC Differences Casting deviations are addressed in PICS

This 1 wire Alternator is the answer for that 05-2010 5.7L lx or 05-10 6.1L Gen III Hemi Engines that have aftermarket management systems that do not control the Alternator Charging Circuit.

Contrary to belief, the factory alternator Can Not Be Controlled Properly with a old style Chrysler Voltage Regulator, Harness Plug and some wire. TheGen III Factory Original Alternators were all controlled by Pulse Width Modulation, which the original Chrysler PCM Controlled. Some worked barely OK, others over charged like crazy, and others wouldn't charge at all.

This New Alternator Assembly is Internally Regulated and will maintain your Charging Output to Exactly what your Electrical System Requires.

Works on 2005-2010 5.7L LX, LA, LC, WK Engines, 2005-2010 6.1L Engines with Aftermarket MSD Management or Aftermarket Computer Management Systems (such as: Holley. Mega  Squirt). Does NOT work with 5.7L Truck Engines or Gen III Hemi's using Truck Front Timing Covers or Engines Assembly.

Main Battery Power Wire needs to be ran to Alternator. Alternator is Self Exciting.

EACH Alternator comes with an Output Performance Dyno Tag: Most show approx. 150 amps at idle, 170 amps at mid range, and 180 amps maximum output at cruise RPM

8 gauge Power Lead is minimum recommended size. Further Distance from Power Source , you should increase power cable size.

Small Case, approx. 5 3/8" O.D. , for better and easier fitment

This alternator is NOT used in any BPE  Front Acessory Kits, but can be substituted

Requires 3 -61F394 Bolts to mount properly

Proudly Made in the USA

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