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Hell Cat Fuel Delivery Kit (11170/18705HCKIT)

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Hell Cat Fuel Pump Component Kit for Vehicles where a Hell Cat Specific Fuel Tank is Not Available

Must Provide your Own Fuel Tank   Hell Cat Fuel Kit Red Eye Fuel Kit


   This Hell Cat Fuel Supply Kit is Custom Made to Deliver proper Fuel Amounts to a 707 HP Hell Cat Take Out or Mopar Performance Crate Engine. It works Hand in Hand with the Mopar Performance Hell Cat & Red Eye Computer Management Kit (77072452AF). The Custom PWM 525LPR Fuel Pump keeps up with the fuel demand through the fuel module and the Fuel Rail sensor. This kit is complete with 16' of PTFE #8 Stainless Braided Line, 10 Micron Fuel Filter and mounting bracket, all necessary AN Fittings for components and lines, Fuel Rail Disconnect, Special Siphon Assembly, Phantom Fuel Pump Hanger, Necessary Wire Connectors, Aeromotive Special Fuel Slosh Foam, Reservoir Basket, with Check Valves.

This Kit is the answer for those Not Popular Builds that we do not offer a Bolt in Fuel Tank with Pulse Width Modulated 525 LPH Fuel Pump. Works with most all fuel tanks that have an available depth of 6"-10" deep. You Must provide the Fuel Tank, but this is everything else you will need to provide the correct Volume of Fuel for your Hell Cat Build.

Fuel Pump is controlled by Pulse Width Modulation, based off of the fuel rail pressure gained from the sensor at the fuel rail , transmitted back to the Fuel Module Assembly included in the Mopar Performance Hell Cat Management System (77072452AF).

Popular in Pick Ups, Pre 1961 Vehicles, 1974 & Later Vehicles, Non Mopar Application Vehicles. 

This Kit is Specifically Designed to work with 707 h.p. Hell Cat Engines (2015 to present 2024 production engine). It is not suited for Red Eye, Demon or Helliphant Engines.

Hell Cat Fuel Line Kit   Red Eye Fuel Line Kit  Hell Cat Fuel Delivery Kit  Red Eye Fuel Delivery Kit

If you already have our 525LPH Hell Cat Fuel Tank with built in pump already installed, this is not the Kit you require. Go to #

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