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Coolant Fan Sensor Radiator (210195)

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Coolant Fan Sensor Radiator


Special Coolant Fan Sensor 

ON at 210

OFF at 195

 Special Sensor recently found to make your Coolant Fan(s) on all of your Bouchillon Performance Radiators to come on when your Coolant Temperature reaches 210 degrees and shut off when coolant temp reaches 195.

This works excellent if you remove the factory 207/208 Degree Thermostat and Install our #61T798 180 Degree Thermostat into your Gen III Hemi.

Our tests have found that on most days, with the vehicle traveling 40-45 MPH or greater along with the lower temperature thermostat, your Coolant Fan operation is not needed on most applications. There generally is already enough air going through the Radiator Core to the radiator to keep it below 210 degrees. But if the temperator should reach 210 degrees, it will activate your controller on your fan(s).

For an added plus,If you plan on using Air Conditioning, use this sensor in conjuntion with our #6665 Trinary Switch, and you will have total controll to your resto mod/Muscle car coolant system much like any late model vehicles  

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