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Radiator (Gen-3 Hemi) 26x21 inch Truck with Trans. Cooler (87-93 Dodge Truck) (9D-19523-40)

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Radiator (Hemi Gen3) 26"x21" Truck with Trans. Cooler (87-93 Dodge Truck) 9D-19523-40


This Is Our Bolt -in/Drop-in/Resembles Original Style Extreme Heavy Duty Aluminum Radiator Assembly for Gen III Hemi Installations. It comes complete with Custom Aluminum Shroud with HD SPAL Fan, Electronic Fan Controller and Sender, and Air By Pass flaps already assembled and installed. Just wire your controller and mount your sender and you are done. Radiator Core support Opening is 26" wide.This one has the Extreme Cooling Core Height of 21". Comes with our "State of the Art" 2 Row X 1 1/4" Core for Excellent Cooling Ability. The Top Tank is smooth aluminum finish.

Works with:2005-2017 5.7L LX (Car & Grand Cherokee Engines),2005-2010 6.1L LX & WK (Car & Grand Cherokee),2011-2015 6.4L Car & Grand Cherokee Engines,Most ALL 6.1L & Non VVT 7.0L Based Crate Engines (Mopar Performance & Most Aftermarket  Engines) with Right Side Lower Radiator Hose and Right Side Thermostat Outlet Nipple

1987-1993 D/W 1,2,3 Trucks  WITH TRANSMISSION COOLER

Proudly Manufactured in the USA by Griffin Radiator for Bouchillon Performance Engineering

NOTE: 1-1987-1993 D/W 1,2,3 Trucks with 26" WIDE Radiator Support (Core Support) Opening...measure left to right for proper opening width. This one is VERY SPECIAL, the Core Height from top to bottom is 21", most Non XHD Cooling trucks had 17" Tall cores.

2-Will Not Work with 2003-2017 DR 5.7L Dodge Truck Engines, which had Right Side Lower Radiator Hose and Left Side Thermostat Outlet Nipple

3-For Molded Radiator Hoses, use 2-BPE20609G

4-Use S6074X Stainless Overflow Tank to Complete Installation (Not Included)

5-On A/C Applications, use BPE6665 Trinary Switch to control fan operation when A/C is on. It, along with Electronic Fan Controller on this Radiator will only allow Fan to run when required. Fan Operation, generally is not needed at 50 mph highway speeds or when A/C Compressor is First Cut on.

6-This Radiator is generally used on Manual Transmission Vehicles, since there is not a Transmission Cooler Built In

7-Inlet & Outlet Nipple Diameters 1 3/4"


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