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Header Bolts (Hemi Gen2 426/472/528/572) (HBH16)


Grade 8 Best Quality Header Bolt KitĀ for Gen II Hemi-Engine 12 point 3/8" Head HBB12


This kit fits most all Gen II 426/472/528/572 Hemi Engines. This kit is comprised of the Finest Quality Grade 8 Header Bolts for Gen II Hemi-Engines. They are 3/8"-16 X 1"  with a 12 point 3/8" Head for those tight places to get your headers tightened correctly. Using a 12 point forces you use a 12 point wrench or socket to get the desired torque, not allowing you to use an open end wrench that only allows less than 10 lb. ft. of torque on the bolt head. These Bolts are longer than the competitions bolt, to allow for the 3/8" Thick Flanges found on most all quality headers now. Will work on 5/16" Thick flange headers found on older or less expensive headers.

  Bolts are Black Oxide Coated for long lasting performance

  Kit includes 16 Bolts, enough to do most Gen II Hemi-Engines

 NOTE#1-Proper Header installation should achieve 25-30 lb.ft. of torque. Headers should be retorqued after one heat up and cool down period. Retorqued in one weeks worth of driving and rechecked in a month of driving. If these steps are performed you should never have a header gasket failure

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