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Gen III Hemi Engine Mounting Bracket Kit 72-93 Dodge TRUCK (9011)

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Gen III Hemi Engine Mounting Bracket Kit FOR 1972-1993 Dodge Full Size Pickups & Ramchargers 


9011 Dodge Truck Gen III Hemi Engine Mounting Brackets for Installations of 5.7L, 6.1L, 6.2L, 6.4L, 7.0L & 7.2L  Engines. This engine bracket kit will allow you to install a new Generation III Hemi Engine into your 1972-1993 DODGE TRUCK, all while keeping the correct original stock K Frame assembly. We offer all these Motor Mounting Bracket Kits with all of our complete Gen III Hemi Drivetrain Kits.

Must use a rear sump oil pan with 9011 Mount Kit. (61RSKIT,61RAKIT,64RSKIT or 64RAKIT)

Engine Brackets are purposely Slotted where Engine Insulator stud installs. Allows you to truly level your engine in your Chassis Easily.

NOTE: 1-Works with all Full Size Dodge & Plymouth Pickups, Ramchargers & Traildusters from 1972-1993 that originally came with a V8 engine or Slant 6.

2-Will not work with Trucks that came with V6 Engine (1987-1993)

3-Works on all D100, D150,D200,D250,D300,D350,AD100, AD150,W100,W150,W200,W250,W300, W350,AW100, & AW150 TRUCKS. Power Wagons, Ramchargers, and Pickups

4-Engine Mounting Brackets are Powder Coated Glossy Black.. Includes Standard Style Fail Safe Rubber Insulators & Mounting Hardware

5-Must use a 45 degree Oil Filter Adapter, # 61F680 or remotely mount oil filter and use # 200FBP Filter Block Off Plate

6-Long Tube 1 3/4" & 2" Primary Headers are available, Available in Raw Steel, Ceramic Coated and Ceramic Polished, with your choice of 2 1/2" or 3" Reducers. manufactured by Tube Technologies Inc. (TTI)

7-Closest Exhaust Manifold Fitment are 5.7L WK Exhaust Manifolds (Set PART #2005-2008 5.7l #57WK3605, 2009-2010 5.7L #57WK3857, 2011-2019 5.7L #57WK1512, 2006-2010 6.1L WK Tubular Exhaust Headers, and 6.4L WK Exhaust Manifolds (Part #64WK2462), some Modifications for fitment are required. We do carry each component or also in a kit form. Most Truck 5.7L Manifolds do not generally fit very well.

8-2wd APPLICATIONS , Drivers Side and Passenger Engine Mount Insulators Mount directly to Cross Frames, in rear mount holes. Review Thumb Nail PIC of most 2wd front suspension, . 

9-4wd APPLICATIONS , Drivers Side Engine Mount Insulator Mounts Directly to Cross Frame as 2wd Vehicles. But late '80s & '90s truck had an additional bracket bolted to the cross Frame , which the original V8 Engine Insulator Mounted to. YOU MUST REUSE THE METAL BRACKET BOLTED TO CROSS FRAME BRACKET that is generally Bolted to Cross Frame, Passenger side mounts as a 2wd, directly to cross frame.

10-DUE to truck frames not being true and square, Use your engine insulators to your advantage. They are rectangle with an offset stud on each side. They can be rotated or twisted to allow engine to be installed in a relaxed position..... DO NOT FORCE INSULATOR LOCATOR  PIPS TO SIT IN DEPRESSIONS IN CROSSFRAME ... ONLY INSTALL THEM THERE IF THEY ARE RELAXED, YOUR ENGINE IS LEVEL AND IS EXACTLY WHERE YOU NEED IT........

11-Drivers side Engine Mounting Bracket and Insulator may require additional clearancing at the rear of the A/C Compressor on some applications... some a/c compressors can also be clearanced at it's rear casting.

12-On Trial Fit, Initially level main truck frame rails-Left to Right.... Then Level your Engine -Left to Right- Slots in engine brackets allow you to move your engine left to right to center in frame rails. Due to variances, it is ok to shim either side of the engine insulators (or Both Sides) to insure engine is level.

13-Maintains Original Location of Engine to maintain correct Center of Gravity Designed into Truck Originally by Chrysler Engineers.

14-9011 Engine Mounting Brackets allow for mounting of Low Mount A/C Compressors found on Drivers Side of Engine. These are standard location of A/C Compressor found on 2005-2020 5.7L Car Engines, 2009-2020 truck engines, 2005-2010 6.1 L engines, 2011-2020 6.4L engines and 2015-2020 Hell Cat Engines. Some applications, rear of compressor casting , Engine insulator and front of drivers side engine mounting bracket may require additional clearancing for proper fitment.On 2005-2008 5.7L Car and WK Engines along with 2005-2010 6.1L Engines will require a/c compressor rear boss to be removed (see PIC) and clearancing front of engine mounting bracket, front of insulator and rear of compressor (see PIC)

15-Gen III Hemi Engine Bracket Kit comes with our 602469 Stock Style Engine Insulators. Our P2469L Poly Loc Insulators can be used for the Extreme Horsepower Applications, such as Manual transmission Vehicles, High Horsepower Gen III Engines, such as stroker 6.1L, 6.4L & Hell Cat Applications 

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