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Rotary A/C Suction Control Valve (Ford) (V001)


Ford Rotary A/C Control Valve


Ford Rotary Compressors such as 05 Ford 500

Don't replace that compressor when the Control valve may be the only problem

Many times, if the A/C compressor seems to be engaging correctly, the clutch hub turning, but the pressures are erratic or non-existant, the refrigerant control valve may be the culprit.  This valve is located in the rear of most late scoll compressors, covered by a thin metal plate with two 10mm bolts.  The original valve can become clogged due to oil, tiny bits of debris, or the use of sealants.  Experienced technicians can diagnose a faulty control valve pretty quickly, and simply replacing the valve can be a much more cost-effective repair than a complete compressor change.  Replacing the control valve does not guarantee that the problem will be solved, and returns of this part are not accepted, so professional diagnosis should be done. This Part Can Not Be Purchased from FORD or a Parts Store. Some Compressors do not come with them when compressor is replaced, they depend on you reusing the original one, that may have failed.
***NOTE*** The A/C system must be evacuated of refrigerant before attempting to remove the retaining plate.  Pain or a condition of extreme startlement may be had if you attempt to remove that plate with refrigerant in the system.
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