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H-Block Expansion Valve Fitting Adapter (6642)

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Block Fitting for H-Block Expansion Valve

          H Block Expansion Valves started on some Factory A/C Equipped Chrysler Cars as early as 1974, and was eventually installed on trucks (and all other vehicles) by 1980. With New Lines almost impossible to find, along with everyone that has one of these cars or trucks are either upgrading to a Better Compressor or a later Model Power Plant with the later compressor. This gives you, your customer or shop the ability and a point to start to make up new Custom A/C lines using normal Female O-ring A/C Fittings. Our 6642 Block Fitting has an Exposed #10 Male Insert O-Ring Fitting (MIO) for the Suction Line back to the compressor and an exposed #6 male Insert O-Ring (MIO), which is the liquid line from the receiver dryer. 
Works on most 1974 & Later Cars and All 1980 to 1993  Dodge Trucks & Ramchargers . Kit comes with correct expansion block gasket . Attaching Bolt is not included. Original Early Expansion Valves had SAE Threaded Expansion Valve and later versions had Metric Retaining Bolt. Retaining bolts, NOT INCLUDED.
*6642 Will bolt to early R12 and later R134 Expansion Blocks
*1991 and earlier Vehicles had R12 Expansion Valve Blocks. For more efficiency if Converting to R134 Refrigerant, order #6641 Expansion Valve (bolts directly in place of R12 Expansion Block)
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