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BPE A/C Compressor Mounting Bracket Kit Slant 6 (3001)

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A/C Compressor Mounting Bracket Kit for Slant 6


A/C Compressor Mounting Bracket Kit for Slant 6

Fits 170 Slant Six, Slant 6 Engines 1961-1986  This Bracket Kit is designed differently from all of our other bracket kits. It is inclusive of additional parts required, Just Add the BPE6664 Sanden Style Compressor or most any SD508 Double V Groove Style Sanden Compressor
Kit comes complete with Mount Assembly, ADD ON Crankshaft Pulley, Adjustable Idler, HD Belt and all Mounting Hardware... Just add BPE6664 Compressor or a Suitable SD508 Style A/C Compressor. Kit Works with or without Power Steering.

Works: Slant 6 170 Engines 1961-1986

Pulleys Required: Included

Compressor Required: BPE6664 Sanden SD508

Alternator Brackets Required: Reuse Original / Reuse Original Pulleys

NOTE: Fan Clearance has to be determined during installation. Each Body Style is different on Fan Blade Fitment and clearance. Some applications have been known to require an electric fan or clearancing some fan blades.

This is the only Compressor Mounting Bracket Kit that we do not manufacture. . We have to apologize for the crazy price. Maybe in the future we will look at manufacturing the bracket ourselves.

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