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BPE A/C Compressor Mounting Bracket Kit Crate Hemi & Big Block (4715)

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4715 Bracket Kit Fits B/RB/& CRATE HEMI Engines ONLY With NON-A/C Alternator Brackets & Pulleys


This Bracket Fits B/RB/MP CRATE HEMI Engines ONLY With NON-A/C Alternator Brackets & Pulleys.
Here is Our HOTTEST Compressor Bracket Yet! This Bracket Will Allow You To Mount A New SPECIAL SHORT Low HorsePower Robbing Sanden Compressor, UNDER Your Alternator! Hidden Away From View. Perfect for the Vehicle you keep around town, hit the Drive-Ins, Local Car Shows and Cruise Ins. 
Follow The Link For A Great
VIDEO On This Bracket.
Fits: B/RB/MP Crate Hemi Engines w/o Mechanical Fuel Pump and Aluminum or Cast Iron Water Pump Housings with Drivers Side Lower Radiator Hose Inlet.
Compressor Required: BPE7312 Sanden Style CP7H13 "Shorty"
Harmonic Damper Requirement: Stock B/RB Thin Style Damper (BPEHB440 or BPEHB440F)
Pulley Requirements: B/RB Non A/C Crankshaft and Water Pump Pulley ( Crank BPE4011,BPE4012 & WP BPE4014)
Water Pump Housing Requirement: All with Left (drivers side) Side Lower Radiator Hose inlet
Alternator Bracket Requirement: BPE5250 or BPE5250CH
Alternator Requirement: Standard Style Chrysler with a single groove pulley
Belt Requirements:BPE7417 or Gates 7417 XL-inner groove on crankshaft to water pump to inner groove on compressor. BPE7270  or Gates 7270 XL-compressor outer groove to Chrysler Square Back Single Groove Alternator . BPE7265 or Gates 7265 XL-compressor outer groove to Chrysler Round Back Single Groove Alternator
NOTES: 1-You will loose your mounting for your Mechanical Fuel Pump
2-Some Engine Mounts and Insulators will require Clearancing and Modifications for fit.
3-Any Alternator other than Stock Output (15/60 amps) will cause a BELT SQUEAL FROM HELL! ALL HI Output Alternators (50/75 Amps) we list will not work.
4-This is the HARDEST BRACKET WE MANUFACTURE TO INSTALL CORRECTLY. Mounting Points have moved over the years in Castings, Fore and Aft. Compressor and Alternator is driven by 1 Single Belt. It is Highly Recommended that this bracket be installed while Engine is on an Engine Stand. Perfect Pulley Alignment is REQUIRED (+-.040"). A Straight Edge and Digital Calipers recommended to check TRUE PULLEY ALIGNMENT. PREMIUM BELT IS A MUST.
5-This Bracket is NOT Recommended for a vehicle that will be driven alot or long distances. Most popular applications are vehicles that stay close to home. Adjustments are hard to perform on the highway.
7-Will not work with any Street Hemi, Aftermarket thick dampers
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