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BPE A/C Compressor Mounting Bracket Kit Crate Hemi (4710CH)

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4710CH Bracket Kit Fits M.P. Crate HEMI Engines or Original HEMI's with RB Damper, Aluminum Water Pump Housing,With Factory B/RB A/C Pulleys & BPE 5250CHAC Alt. Brackets 

This Bracket Kit Fits M.P. Crate HEMI Engines or Original HEMI's but MUST use RB Thin Damper (BPEHB440 & BPEHBF440 Dampers), Aluminum Water Pump Housing (BPEWP440H) (or '66 and early Cast Iron Housing #1944916,2205862 & 2468007),With Factory B/RB A/C Pulleys (BPE4013 & BPE4016) & BPE 5250CHAC Alternator Bracket Kit 
Kit will work w/'66-Earlier Cast Iron Water Pump Housings Or MOST Aluminum Water Pump Housings
Now You Can Set A Hemi Up To Look Like a Factory A/C RB Motor! Put This SPECIAL SHORT Low HorsePower Robbing Sanden Compressor (BPE7312) In The Same Location As A Factory A/C Compressor Would be found on a B/RB. No Ad-On Pulley, Nothing But Factory Look! When Installated you could get the compressor tighter on the engine if you tried.


This is the BEST BRACKET TO USE ON A HEMI THAT WILL BE DRIVEN ALOT. Low Maintainance Required/Easy Installation
Fits: MOST Aftermarket Aluminum Water Pump Housings On Hemi's & 1966 Earlier Cast Iron Housings with casting #: 19449165,2205862 & 2468007

Belt Arrangement:2nd Groove out from 4 groove crank to Inner Groove on A/C Compressor to Outer Groove on Alternator

      Power Steering is driven off of the 3rd groove out on the crankshaft 4 groove pulley and the around the inner groove on the water pump pulley. Running the Water Pump Idler found on B/RB A/C engines is optional choice of yours.

DAMPER REQUIREMENTS:MUST use B/RB Thin Style Production Damper (as found on most all MP Hemi Crate Engines) or BPEHB440 & BPE HBF440 Dampers.

Pulley Requirements: BPE4013 & BPE4016 (ADD "C" for Chrome)

Alternator Bracket Requirement: BPE5250CHAC or BPE5250CHACC (Chrome)

Alternator Requirement: Standard Style Chrysler Double V Groove like BPE5303

Compressor Required: BPE7312 Sanden Style CP7H13 "Shorty"

Belt Requirements: BPE7585 or Gates 7585XL HD

NOTE: For Cleaner installation, we recommend mounting the compressor with both suction & discharge ports, pointing towards right side inner fender. Then use a pair of 45 degree fittings (BLA1312-3 & BLA1313-3) at compressor, and route hoses across top of Alternator.

Factory Ignition Coil Bracket on some installations will have to be moved/modified

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