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BPE C171 A/C Compressor Mounting Bracket Kit Big Block (4750)

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C171 A/C Compressor Mounting Bracket Kit for B/RB Engines



We have finally re-released our popular C171 Compressor Mounting Bracket for B/RB Engines. The C171 Compressor was found on most all rear wheel drive (some front wheel drive vehicles) from 1979 thru 1993. It was particularly popular on all Dodge Trucks , Dodge Vans, and Rear Wheel Drive Cars from that period. This Compressor was never found on any Big Block Mopar Vehicles, but makes it a great addition for those vehicles that are installing 383, 400, or 440 Big Blocks into those year vehicles and being able to retain the original style A/C Compressor and a lot of times , the hoses.

The bracket comes with mounting hardware and fasteners. It is designed to reuse your original  upper compressor brace (which we have used the bracket without the brace) and reuse the 4 compressor to bracket metric mounting bolts.

The 4750 Bracket Kit will work on All Big Block Water Pump Housings. Doesn't Matter if you have an Aluminum Water Pump Housing or a Cast Iron Original Mopar, this bracket will fit it.  The bracket Kit is designed to work with all the Big Block Factory A/C Front Accessory Brackets and Pulleys.

Required Component Checklist:

A-4 Groove Big Block A/C Crankshaft Pulley ( like our 4013)

B-1 or 2 Groove Big Block A/C Water Pump Pulley ( like our 4016)

C-A/C Alternator Mounting Bracket Kit ( like our 5254 for 383/400 or 5253 for 426/440 Engines)

D-Standard Style Chrysler Alternator w/ Double Groove Pulley ( like our 5303 Alternator)

E-This Pulley Arrangement, Requires Power Steering (like our 9015 Saginaw Mounting Bracket Kit and S3735bk Saginaw Pump. It will also work with most Federal Thompson/TRW/Chrysler Pump Assembies)


G-This Compressor Bracket Kit WILL NOT clear any of the 6 Pack, Shaker or Fresh Air Cleaners that are available.

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