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Fast ECU Basic Kit (Early Gen3) (301012)


FAST Management System for 2003-2008 5.7L & Stroker Based 5.7L  NON VVT Engines

Complete Computer Management System that is completely programmable for that project engine with future changes in Mind. This kit is specifically made for 2003-2008 5.7L & Stroker Based 5.7L  NON VVT Engines. Based off FAST's easy to tune system. Includes all components to make your Gen III Hemi a terror of the road. System comes complete with all engine management harnesses required for installation, Cable Operated 92mm Throttle Body, Compete FAST XFI 2.0 System, XIM Ignition Module, Wide Band O2 Sensor, Temp Sender and Air Charge Sensor. Dyno Not required. Tuned with Laptop Computer. All Nec. Wiring, complete with instructions & computer disc.

USE BPE301013 for 2006-2010 6.1L & 6.1L STROKER NON VVT Engines

    Provides Flexibility to precisely tune your engine for performance upgrades using aftermarket components

NOTE: 1-Works with Manual transmissions, 904,727, 518 non computerized (1995 & earlier), or any transmission that does not require computer management. Will work with stand alone computer shifted transmissions

2-Will Not Work with the following Transmissions: A580/NAG1, 545RFE, 1996 and later Computer Shifted 500 & 518 Transmissions

3-Optional Fuel pump, Fan Relay and Harness Kit recommended, BPE301406

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