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Push Button Starter Switch Gen III Hemi Management (7100010)

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Push Button Stater Switch


Black Push Button Starter Switch. 

Necessary when using most Chrysler Muscle Car original ignition switches and any late model fuel injection systems, Mopar Performance Computer Management Systems for Gen III Hemis, Hotwire Mopar Computer Mnagement Systems, or Chrysler/ Mopar OE based management system. 

Black Button, On when Pushed. 

Use Switch if Management System has a Starter Relay (like Mopar Performance, original Mopar or Hotwire Managment Systems)

Pre Wired 6" 18 Gauge 

Small and suttle enough to hide  just about anywhere. 

Excellent Anti-Theft switch

On most applications, we generally hide the installation & mount them at or near where the dash meets the steering column. 

Note: 1-We use the vehicles original ignition switch to still power up everything (including the power up on Computer Management of Fuel injection Management), but we use this push button switch to activate the the Starter Relay & Starter. 

2-Switch will carry the load to activate the starter relay, but Will Not/Can Not Carry the load to activate the starter solenoid without a relay

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