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Complete Computer Management Kit for 6.2L Hellcat Engines (77072452AF )

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6.2L HELLCAT Complete Computer Management Kit 707 HP

SAME AS 77072452AE, 77072452AF, 77072452AC, 77072452AD, 77072452AG , 77072452AA, 77072452AB , 77072452AH, 77072452AI

77072452AF Mopar Performance

Hell Cat Computer Management Kits for 6.2L Hellcat Engines (77072452AE & 77072452AF) are"Backordered Again". Call to be put on our Waiting List

ETA 45 days as of 8/23/2023


This Kit, designed by Mopar Performance, contains all of the Components originally compiled from Mopar, Mopar Performance and/or the Original Supplier of the parts to Mopar/FCA. 

It includes all the components to get you up and running Fast.

Kit Includes: Harness, Pre Programmed Computer, Oxygen Sensors, Air Charge Sensor, Computer Management Fuse Block, Fly By Wire Accelerator Pedal, and Instructions.

This Kit works with 6.2L Gen III Hell Cat Hemi Engines only.

The Kit (as designed) is only suited to work with manual transmissions or NON computer shifted automatics. This kit will not work with any computer shifted transmission , including: A580/NAG1, 545RFE. 

Can be made to work with the 8HP70 & 8HP90 Transmissions with purchase of addtional 8 speed management kit (optional)

NOTE:1 This management Kit will only work properly with Hell Cat 6.2L Engines

BPE has an Additional Kit Available, not included in this kit, to make your Torqueflite 904, 998, 999, 727, and non Computer assisted 500 & 518 transmissions gain the mechanical action of throttle pressure required for there required operation. Go To BPE 3325S  & 3325

PCM is already programmed but is unlocked and can be re-programmed

Instructions indicate, You  may be required to program an indicated VIN #, into system with Mopar Wi Tech when completed

This Package WILL NOT WORK ON ANY 5.7L, 6.1L, AND 6.4L ENGINES

          ***************Mopar Performance Price Increase Effective 8/24/2023 *****************

Components Are Exactly the same as a Red Eye Management Kit (77072601AB). If you do not want to wait for the Hell Cat Management Kit to be released, you can purchase our MP Red Eye Kit 77072601AB and have it Reprogrammed to work with a Hell Cat Engine!!!!!

we do not offer the reprogramming service for this

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