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Differential Holding Fixture (T3000)



        It is designed to work on all 8 3/4" Mopar Differential Third Members and all 9" Ford Differential Third Members. This makes it much easier and safer to work on these popular differentials on the bench. It has multiple ways to mount. You can mount it in a Work Bench Vise, Clamp it to a Work Bench, or Bolt it to your Work Bench.
    This is a major improvement over the original Miller Tool and Ford's original tool . Once used it can go back in your tool box for easy storage. It is light weight and Powder Coated Glossy Black. This really beats trying to clamp one of these in a bench vise, not getting a good bite on it, and find your prized third member laying on the floor with broken teeth or a busted case.
    Needless to say, you must still furnish either the C-Clamp, Bench Vise or Through Bolts for Bench Mounting. 
    Multiple Pic's are attached. These are on the shelf & ready for shipping.
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