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BPE TorqueFlite Kickdown Cable Kit (3350)

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The Torqueflite Kickdown Cable Kit


Please note: when you run across other parts on our site that mention being a component of part 3350, you do NOT need to order these separately when ordering part 3350 -- all the components are already included in the 3350 kickdown kit, the components are listed separately mainly if for some reason a replacement component might ever be needed later.

This US Patented Kit will give you the proper throttle pressure your transmission requires, correct shift points, versatile installation combinations, and provide longevity to your Torqueflite. This Kit will work with all Torqueflite Transmissions Built from 1962 up, on most all Chrysler Vehicles. Works on 2 Barrel, 4 Barrel, 2 X 4 Barrels, & Six Pack Installations. Comes Complete as Pictured.

The Torqueflite Kickdown Cable Kit is the Industry Standard on maintaining Correct Throttle Pressure to your Torqueflite. Most of the TOP Torqueflite Transmission Builders Worldwide demand using the Torqueflite Kickdown Cable Kit. Some Major Transmission Rebuilding Franchises require the use of The Torqueflite Kickdown Cable Kit before they will warranty there Transmissions. Easy to Install, but YOU MUST READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!
Kit has Been Used on Many NON Chrysler Vehicles with Torqueflite Transmissions , but Instructions do not cover there installation (unless using an aftermarket Holley /Edelbrock/ Carter Carburetors).
NOTE: 1-Kit works on Most All 904,998,999,500,42R,727,518,& 46R
2-Aftermarket Carter & Edelbrock 4 Barrel Carburetors will require the #1481 Edelbrock Bracket, NOT INCLUDED in Kit
3-Most Aftermarket Holley 4 Barrel Carburetors do not require additional Throttle Adapter Bracket
4-Will NOT work on Slant 6 225 with a 1 Barrel carburetor
5-Will Work on Slant 6 225 with OE 2 Barrel, Holley /Edelbrock/ Carter 4 barrels
6-If you are not using the original 4 barrel intake and/ or it may or may not have the exact Throttle Cable Mounting Bracket, you will have to order BPE3395 Accelerator Cable Mounting Brackets. It mounts neatly on the left rear ear of carburetor, cleans up intake and Corrects the Geometry in your Accelerator Cable, Plus makes an excellent Piggy Back Area to mount The Torqueflite Kickdown Cable Kit's Upper Cable Mounting Bracket.
7-Must Reuse your original Accelerator Cable Stud and Nut or Order BPE3349
All Component Parts of the Torqueflite Kickdown Cable Kit are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.
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