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Oil Pickup Main Cap Stud Support Hell Cat Gen III Hemi (62RA205AA)

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Oil Pickup Support Main Stud  6.2L Hell Cat, Red Eye, Demon or Helliphant Gen III Hemi's


Use on Hell Cat, Helliphant, Red Eye Gen III Hemi Engines when installing a center sump or rear sump oil pan. Installs into #3 main Cap , use #61RA756 Nut

The normal main cap bolt (w/o Stud) used to replace stud (they are torque to yield so only 1 time to use) on Hell Cat Engines is 62RA204AA

For 5.7L, 6.1L, 6.4L based  Engines, use #61RA333AA

TORQUE SPEC:  Well Oil Threads, tighten to 13nm (10 ft. lbs.), then tighten to 28nm (21 ft. lbs.), then an additional  120 degrees

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