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Starter (Hemi Gen3 with 545RFE) (61R736)

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Gen III Hemi Starter when using a 545RFE Transmission


STARTER Gen III Hemi W/ 545RFE Transmission  Drivers Side Mounting

Fits 2003 and Dodge Truck Applications with 5.7L Engines and 545RFE Automatic Transmissions and Starter is Mounted on the Drivers Side, and will only Fit on Drivers Side

• 1.4kW/12 Volt, CW, 10-Tooth Pinion
• Mitsubishi PMGR
• 100% New
• Replaces -  Chrysler 56044736AB, 56044736AC, R6044736AB, R6044736AC, Mitsubishi M000T20972, M000T20972ZC, M000T23271, M000T23271ZC

BPE uses this starter on all Gen III Hemi Installations, including all 5.7L, 6.1L,6.2L,6.4L, and 7.0L Engines, when mating a 545RFE transmission to them. 

There is generally NEVER any header fitment interference when using TTI Headers with this Starter

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