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Flex Plate (A727 / A904, Hemi Gen3) (727904SF)

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727/904 to Gen 3 Hemi Flex Plate   


727/904/500/518 to Gen 3 Hemi Flexplate

Our Latest Improved Design Flexplate gives you the ability to install a 727, 904, 500 or 518 Transmission behind your 5.7L, 6.1L, 6.2L, & 6.4L Gen III Hemi. Spacer not required with this New Design Stamping. Unique Design allows for the normal smaller 5/16" Mopar Flexplate Bolts to attach your 11" converter found on most all small block 727 and 904 applications.   This Flexplate Driveplate is designed to work with most normal 5/16" torque converter bolts that had 1 offset hole (like found in most all 904,998,999,727,518 transmissions, 1995 and earlier)

Special Circular Design allows Flexplate to be 34% Stronger.

On 727 & 518 Transmissions, Use Normal Small Block 727 Converter Dust Shield Cover, like # 727A503AB

Converter Bolt Patterns Accomodated include:

*Normal 5/16" Unsymmetrical (3 evenly spaced holes with one offset)

*Symmetrical 5/16" design found on 1996 and later Torqueflies (4 Evenly Spaced Holes)

*7/16" 426 Street Hemi Gen II Hemi Style Bolt Pattern Unsymmetrical (3 evenly spaced holes with one offset)

             No Spacers or Special Reducers required to get Good Fitment with Converter Bolts to Flexplate Attachment

Zinc Coated

Flex plate only installs One Direction , Engine Side Marked

Note:1-Not SFI Approved

        2-Uses normal 5/16" Mopar Torque Converter Bolts or 7/16" 426 Street Hemi Gen II Hemi Style

        3-Can Reuse Original Gen III Crankshaft to Flexplate Bolts found on all 5.7L, 6.1L, 6.2L & 6.4L Engines that were                        Originally used on Gen III Automatic Transmission Engines.

        4 -Optional: Use 8- 61R465 Flexplate to Crankshaft Bolts with the BPE727904SF

        5-Normal 5/16" Converter Bolt Set use 4529591 (4 bolt to a set)

        6-Pics of Normal 11" Small Block Wide Ring Gear Torque Converter are attached. Most All Small Block Torque                           Converters had Wide Ring Gears. BPE727904SF will work on all Wide Ring Gear Converters  found in most all Small               Blocks, Performance Big Block 11" Converters that were wide Ring Gear Converters, and Street Hemi & Race Hemi                 Converters.

           Big Block 12" Torque Converters Had a Narrow Ring Gear Style Converter, which will not Bolt Up to This Flexplate.                 Had an Approximate OD of 12"+

         7- Use with #727A503AB Lower Dust Cover/Shield Assembly on 727 & 518 Transmissions

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