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Original Style Rubber Steering Column Isolator "Biscuit" Coupler 3575303 (3575303)

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Steering Isolator/ Insulator/ Rag Joint/ Coupler for C and B Bodys


Exact Copy of the original design Chrysler used from the early 60's to late 70's on C Bodys and 1973 and later  B Bodys.  Originally designed  as an insulator/isolator to take the  road vibrations, noise from steering inputs and the feel of the road out of driving. This Latest New Design bolts exactly back into the original location. 


1-Will work on 1966 & earlier C Bodys or B Bodys that had the original Rubber design (#3575303)

2-This is an exact copy of the Original MOPAR # 3575303 

3-For updated  T-6 Billet design, Look at BPE #2119C

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