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Oil Filter Adapter (90 degree, Gen 3 Hemi) (64F402AB)

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90 Degree Oil Filter Adapter for Gen III Hemi

Gen III Hemi 90 Degree Oil Filter Adapter for 5.7L, 6.1L, 6.2L, & 6.4L Engines. Used with different applications to gain suspension clearance to mount oil filter on different obstructed areas.

NOTE: 1-Built withOUT cast spout. 

2-Some suspensions may still require  slight modification for addition clearance

3-This Version does not have oil cooler line provisions..

4-The present version we are using, uses the 2009 and later Oil Filter. When using on a 2008 and earlier engine, the 2009 & later Gen III Hemi engine oil filter is to be used

90 DEGREE 6.1/6.4  Uses 2008 and up oil filter  Some suspensions may still require  slight modification for addition clearance

works with

7.0L "426" HEMI
6.4L "392" HEMI

6.2L  HEMI

This 90 degree oil filter adapter is perfect for most all installations. This BPE G3 Hemi Oil Filter Adapter was specifically designed for difficult installs.

Use this when you are Installing a 5.7L. 6.1L, 6.2L &  6.4L Hemi Into your 60s-70s Mopars, and using Stock K-Frame with TTI Style Mounts, or after market tubular front ends.This adapter will give you all the clearance you need for these resto-mod installs.

Easy install, simply remove oil filter and threaded adapter. Then place the new BPE G3 Hemi Oil Filter Adapter in the oil filters place (Seals included).

Does not include Mounting Bolts

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