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Headers for Big Block Truck Installation (5905)

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Big Block Truck Headers 1 3/4" Primaries 1972-1993

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B/RB Header Set fit 1972-1993 Full Size Dodge Trucks, Fit 2 wheel & 4 wheel drive applications. Kit Includes Header to Cylinder Head Flange Gaskets, Header Bolts, Coolector Gaskets and Bolts. Headers are designed with 1 3/4" Primary tubes to a 3" Collector and then reduced to a 2 1/2", 3 bolt Outlet. Reducers are not included. Works with most all production Mopar Cylinder Heads with straight spark plugs. Works with most all Manual and automatic application combinations. Clutch Z bar and some linkage modifications may be required for your application.


1-Headers do not come with Reducers. We recommend having your exhaust shop flat flare your 2 1/2" exhaust pipe,add a 2 1/2" exhaust flange (not Included) and attached directly to the header outlet.

2-Headers come painted only. We recommend removing the paint and repainting headers.

3-Headers are not offered with any other coating options

4-Will not fit any Dodge Pickup that Originally came with a 3.9L V-6 engine. Will fit all trucks that originally came with  V-8 and Slant 6.

5-As in ANY Header Installation, we highly recommend a trial fitment before you assume there would be no issues on installation. Make modifications then if needed, before finalizing installation.

6-To Insure a no leak Condition, ALL HEADER BOLTS should be capable of putting a socket or a box end wrench on the hex head. Since the header bolts are 3/8", the bolts from the header flange to the head should be tightened to 25-30 lb ft of torque. The threads on the bolts should have sealer (RTV) applied to them to insure no coolant leaks. OPEN END WRENCH TIGHTENING IS AN EXTREME NO NO..... You will get 10 lb ft of torque (or Less) on fastener with an open end wrench. Torque Intially to the above tightness.... Run Engine through 1 heat cylce, let cool to room temperature.... Re tighten All Bolts Again to the tightness above. Then do it again in a week. Then, Finally, again in 30 days.... If that procedure is followed, you should not have any exhaust leaks.

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