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Complete Power Steering Conversion Kit (B1033PSKIT)

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Complete Power Steering Conversion Kit B1033PSKIT for 1966-1972 B-Bodys & 1970-1972 E-Bodys


Check for Steering Box Availability, Inconsistent Inventory.

Price includes  CORE CHARGE for steering box, when available.

Our Complete Power Steering Conversion Kit B1033PSKIT for 1966-1972 B-Bodys & 1970-1972 E-Bodys that came with and still have manual steering.

       This Power Steering Conversion Kit comes with everything required to change a 1966-1972 B-Body and a 1970-1972 E-Body from Manual Steering to Power Steering for a Big Block ,383, 400, or 440 Vehicle.

This kit includes:

1-New Saginaw Power Steering Pump, Complete with filler cap, reservoir, and Nut for Keyed Nutted shaft Pump

2-Saginaw Power Steering Pump Mounting Bracket Kit, including all mounting Hardware.

3-Performance Saginaw Power Steering Pump Pulley (keyed/nutted)

4-Double Groove Crankshaft pulley to replace original single groove pulley found on Non P.S. cars

5-Direct Fit Power Steering Pressure and Return hose, Necessary clamps and Special Steering Box Fitting

6-Steering Shaft to Steering Box Plunge Joint Assembly Body & Complete Internal Component Kit to Steering Shaft

7-Pitman Arm Nut and Lock Washer

8-High Quality Remanufactured Steering Box

9-Power Steering Return Nipple Assembly

10-HD Power Steering Pump Pulley to Crankshaft Pulley V-Belt

11-Includes Special Instructions How to modify your Manual Steering Shaft & make it a Power Steering Shaft

Just Add Good Quality, Mopar approved Power Steering Fluid*** Fluid Not Included****


A-Steering Shaft Modification Instructions included are intended for installer to make certain on car measurements and enlist assistance from a Machine Shop or Job Shop.

B-This Conversion can not be preformed properly without removing steering shaft from steering column and modifying steering shaft.

C-Manual Steering Pitman Arms that are found on 66-72 B Bodys and 1970-1972 E-Bodys can be reused. from manual to power conversion. If your Pitman Arm is worn, it can be ordered seperately. It doesn't come in this kit.

D-All Items in Kit are new except Steering Box Assembly. Steering Box High Quality Remanufactured assembly. Not available New.

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