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Power Steering Gear Box Most 59-72 Vehicles (11033)

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NEW Power Steering Gear Box Fits Most 1959-1972 Mopar Cars and someĀ Full Size Van with 1 1/8" O.D. Output Shaft Spline


New Power Steering Box fits 1959-1972 vehicles w/ 1 1/8" Output Shaft Spline Diameter (all A, B, E Bodies up to 1972).

Has More Firm Feel Design
Will not Fit Pickup Trucks. Fits Most all 1959-1972 A,B,E Bodies.. Some C bodies had them also.... Measure splined diameter of output shaft. It must measure 1 1/8" (1.125")

Note: 1-1959-1972  P.S. Box has SMALLER splined output shaft than 1973 and Later/will not interchange on most Vehicles. Exterior appearance is similiar to original but not Exact Copy

Most 1959-1972 vehicles had 1 1/8" Spline except some C Bodys

2-Return Hose Nipple is  included but accepts a 3/8" return Hose. 

3-1972 and earlier Steering boxes had a Pressure Fitting in top of Power Control Valve. 

4-Always use Mopar Power Steering Fluid or a Brand Name that meets or excedes Mopar Power Steering Fluid Standards.


6-Always Flush Power Steering Pump Reservoir and Lines before Refilling and Starting Vehicle

7-Fitment arround headers seems to be close to original steering box design size.

8-This is not a Borgeson Steering Box/ Nothing special required to install

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