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Saginaw Conversion Kit '69 earlier LA Engines (9018PSConversion)

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Saginaw Power Steering Pump Conversion Kit for 1969 and earlier LA Small Block engines


Convert your Problematic Federal Power Steering Pump on your 1969 and earlier Small Block Engine to the very Reliable Saginaw Power Steering Pump.

This kit comes with all the necessary items to replace the Federal Power Steering Pump.

Includes All New:

*Saginaw Power Steering Pump Complete with Reservoir, Filler Cap, & Pulley Retaining Nut

*9018Saginaw P.S. Bracket Kit

*9016 Saginaw Keyed Pulley

*Power Steering Pressure Hose

*Fitting for your Power Steering Box

*Return Hose and Clamps

*Special Hardware and Spacer Kit

** Just add good quality Power Steering fluid/Not Included

Note: Due to numerous lower pulley diameter possibilities, we do not include the P.S. Drive Belt

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