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Policies: Privacy

Updated 2 October 2012

Your Personal Information Is Private

Bouchillon Performance Engineering is serious about protecting our customers' personal information. You can always browse our web site without providing any personal information. While doing business with you, we may have to gather certain information, such as your name, home address, phone number, vehicle identification number, and e-mail address. We will not sell, rent, trade or give away individual, personally identifiable information entered on this site to any third party. We collect such information so that we can process orders, personalize your shopping experience, or send you the latest product and other useful material. If you do not wish to receive further material from Bouchillon Performance Engineering, you can simply respond to our e-mail or otherwise tell us that you do not want to receive future communications.

Online Orders

Bouchillon Performance Engineering also collects credit card information from you to process purchases from the site. Reputable third-party financial institutions handle our credit card transactions. Whenever you transmit credit card information and other personal information through our site, the numbers and letters are scrambled using encryption technology, making it nearly impossible for the information to be stolen or intercepted.


Bouchillon Performance Engineering, like most Web sites, uses a feature of your browser to set a "cookie" on your computer. We cannot tell your name or any personal information about you based solely on the cookie. Unless you specifically tell us your name and other identifying information, we will never know who you are. All the cookie tells us is what functions you perform when you are on the site so that we can keep track of your transaction. A cookie also helps Bouchillon Performance Engineering note particular traffic patterns on the site so that we can improve what we offer. Every browser allows you to reject cookies or to choose which cookies you will accept. Rejecting cookies, however, may sometimes interfere with your ability to use all the features and benefits of our site.

Third Parties

Bouchillon Performance Engineering doesn't provide non-personal, aggregate information about our users to third parties such as manufacturers and business partners under any circumstance.

Outside Links

Bouchillon Performance Engineering may offer links to other sites. Any time you click on a link and are transported to another site, you should be aware that the other site may have a different privacy policy than Bouchillon Performance Engineering .We cannot control the policies of other sites.

How Are We Doing?

We value your business and want to gain your trust. If you have comments, questions or suggestions, please let us know via our contact form. Thank you from Bouchillon Performance Engineering.

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