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For over 40 years, Bouchillon Performance Engineering has been in the business of selling, servicing & manufacturing Mopar parts with one thing in mind, the customer. There is nothing worse than calling some other company that is just trying to sell you a part for your vehicle with no knowledge or experience behind their sales drive. That's what makes BPE different.

Bouchillon Performance Engineering specializes in Mopar performance parts & service for all makes & models from classic creations to modern muscle machines. Not only does BPE sell & service Mopar parts, BPE also custom builds many Mopar parts to make that custom job you are trying to make a reality.

If you have any questions or comments about our products and services, please don't hesitate to contact BPE through our customer support page.






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Mopar Gen 2 engines including 426, 472,
528, 540 & 572

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Mopar Viper engines including Gen 1 8.0L, Gen 2 8.0L, Gen 3 8.3L & Gen 4 8.4L
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Mopar Big Block engines including the 528 MaxWedge Stage 1 & 2
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Mopar Gen 3 engines including 5.7L, 6.1L, 6.4L/392, & 7.0L/426
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Mopar engines including 340, 360, 410, 440 Magnum
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Mopar Jeep engines including Stoker 4.7L Base & Baja versions
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BPE offers complete drivetrain kits for Gen 2, Gen 3, B/RB & A engines that installs into most classic & modern muscle Mopars. These kits will come complete as you need them to be to make that dream a reality. BPE can offer you any size Mopar powerplant you want and all the parts you need for a complete install such as transmission, motor mounts, rear end, brakes, pulleys, a/c lines, alternator, starter, exhaust system, engine controllers and much more. Click here for details .





Currently In Stock - 6.4L 392 Hemi Factory Line Complete Engines




Finally, a simple answer to an age old problem! Scrounging for that proper Kickdown Linkage? Look no more! Bouchillon Performance Engineering has just released the answer.  A complete Kickdown Kit for your Torqueflite transmission that will work on all carbureted rear wheel drive Mopars with a Torqueflite transmission from 1962. This kit will fit everything from 6 cylinders with 2 bl. to Hemi and 440 Six-Packs, including other multiple carbureted vehicles with just about any intake manifold. Click here for more details.




Correct orange color seal with Stainless steel perforated band. These have a lot of improvements over the original Fram CA332, Fram CA332V, A/C Delco's original filter and even the original Mopar # 2946186 replacement filter. The filter media has been improved, the inner screen support is of a material that will not rust and the outer support screen (with the holes) is made of stainless but galvanized for the appearance as original. Click here for details.


Check out Bouchillon Performance Engineering in Mopar Collectors Guide Magazine & Mopar Action Magazine

Bouchillon Performance Engineering currently has open positions available. Must have strong sales & customer service skills & experience for open positions at Bouchillon Performance Engineering. Contact employment@bperacing.com for more details.



    Bouchillon Performance Engineering offers tens of thousands of
    Mopar performance, NOS, restoration, factory replacement &
    custom parts. Other parts may be available from BPE that are not
    listed on the BPE website.

    If you don't see what you're looking for, please feel free to use
    our Parts Request Form or visit our Customer Support page.


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